A Different Kind of Vacation

Immerse yourself in a new culture while lending your heart and hands. GiveGetGo adventures pair volunteer building and travel, making for unforgettable, life changing vacations. Be a part of build projects that are uplifting communities from within and connecting travellers to the people and organizations that are making a remarkable difference in their country.

Volunteer Work is the Foundation for Meaningful Discovery

Experience living someone else’s life. Savour the local cuisine, learn a new language and partake in traditional cultural activities. Build a connection with the people whose lives you will help change. You will come away with a true understanding of the impact your contribution has made and with stories of extraordinary adventure.


This is the opportunity to make a change in the world and within yourself. It’s the chance to build something tangible, to have meaningful conversations with community stakeholders, to laugh and smile with your peers, and to establish lifelong friendships − all while taking in amazing sites, sounds, and tastes as you set off to explore a new world.

Our Story

Building From Within

GiveGetGo was created by three Canadian women with a goal of providing a platform for volunteers to give their efforts to international communities projects that are dedicated to creating a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of many in need. We partner only with established, well-respected, registered charities and NGO’s who need assistance with renovating or building schools and orphanages in developing countries. The builds we work on are part of long-term, community driven projects that, along with these charities, will continue to help people thrive for generations. Volunteers will be working alongside local tradespeople from the community. We are not there to take away jobs, but to give a boost in effort and spirit to these ongoing community projects.

Our Impact

Creating Active Participants of Change

In our first year of full operation:

  • GiveGetGo and our volunteers have donated over $40,000 towards building materials and supplies that helped make these projects happen.
  • GiveGetGo has impacted the lives of over 1,342,000 people who live within the communities where we have helped build a school and orphanage.
  • GiveGetGo has participated and helped raise funds for our partners in 5 separate events, attended by over 250 patrons.
  • GiveGetGo volunteers have sponsored over 15 individual children to attend school from primary to secondary education.


Charitable tax receipts are available for 40-60% of the cost of your trip.


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