Working alongside local builders, staying in the community and spending time with the locals, you’ll become an essential part of the community. These projects will tackle needs that have been identified by your host community to ensure that your financial and physical investment is sustainable long into the future. No previous building experience is necessary. Experienced local masons, carpenters and craftsmen will lead the group, teaching you the required skills and supervising your work. The buildings we are constructing are in tropical countries and are often made of concrete brick or block. The work often includes digging, mixing concrete, carrying and laying bricks. There is a job for everyone, no matter your experience or abilities.

It’s a Life-Changing Experience
A GiveGetGo adventure will be a life-changing experience. It’s an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of development issues, to learn more about another culture and about yourself.  It will inspire you to continue this feeling long after you’ve returned from your adventures!


“If anyone is looking to take a vacation with more depth and meaning than spending time on a beach or visiting museums this year, I highly recommend you sign up to join one of GiveGetGo’s volunteer groups. I can guarantee you that coming to Tanzania and spending time with these children will have a deeply profound impact on you like no other vacation can offer. I can promise you the equivalent of 6 months life experience in 1 week. It will truly be a life changing experience!!”
Matthew, Tanzania April 2013

It’s a Shared Experience
Working alongside a team of like-minded volunteers on a build site and exploring the local sites together.  It’s all about sharing your experiences with your new friends.

Testimonials_Guat_Rachel“You receive some much more than what you give. You have to join in to live it for yourself…The interactions with the local workers on this project, working side-to-side with them and seeing their smiling faces when you interact with them, the strong bond that you create with the other participants…All of this makes it an unbeatable experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”
Rachel, Tanzania February 2013

It’s a Unique Experience
Take part in a unique experience where you can really make a difference to a community while on vacation!  Volunteers do not need prior building experience. If you have a sense of adventure, are in good health and willing to work hard, you can be part of a GiveGetGo team.

Testimonials_Guat_Danielle“This is an experience of a lifetime! Forget about how sore we are, how long we worked… I have never had so much fun, laughed and just enjoyed such a great time with some of the most incredible souls I have ever met. This is what it’s all about. This is so beyond real.”
Danielle Goreski, Guatemala November 2013


Get Inspired!

Immerse yourself in village life, dividing your time between working on the building site and exploring the local village.

You will be more than a tourist. You will be welcomed into the community by your hosts and introduced to the local culture as a guest. You will work and laugh together, share stories, make friends. As you let go of many of the comforts of home you start to focus on things that really matter.

Volunteering abroad makes a difference.

You will be working on projects that the people of the community have been unable to undertake because of lack of funding. The money you bring to the project has a direct impact on the local community.

Volunteer travel helps you to develop new skills, unearth new passions, and become a part of a community in need.

When you embark on a GiveGetGo adventure, the building project is specifically designed to help tackle needs that have been identified by your host community to ensure that your financial and physical investment is sustainable long into the future. Whether it’s building a classroom or a playground, you can be sure that you will take part in a unique experience where you can really make a difference to a community. You’ll join other like-minded individuals from across Canada in working together to benefit a community.