Melody School is a private school (not-for-profit) located in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Central America for children from 2 to 6 years old. The idea is to give free quality education to children who live in extreme poverty so that they can break the cycle of poverty through education. In an area where less than 55% of the inhabitants are literate, Melody School’s children are all able to read and write by age six.

Project Chaqlaxel (meaning “little sibling,” in a native Mayan language) was started five years ago to provide quality schooling to underprivileged children in the Chimaltenango area.  Today, there are 26 sponsored students out of 65 attending Melody School. These students also receive daily nutritious meals and constant support. They learn proper personal hygiene and develop self-confidence. The funding provided by sponsors also ensures access to specialty health care that the families would not have otherwise. Melody´s goal is to expand the project each year to improve the lives of more children and families. It is our hope that Melody School will eventually be able to cater to students from childhood through to adulthood, thus creating future leaders in this needy community.

It is the goal of GiveGetGo to help Melody School grow each year by helping them build additional classrooms. The school’s vision is to provide education for each child from primary school through to completion of their secondary education, thus creating future leaders for the community.

The children have sponsors for funding teachers, supplies and nourishment. Now all we need to do is get these classrooms built.

For more information and to learn how to sponsor a child at Melody School visit:
CanadaHelps – Melody School

Help build new classrooms for Melody School on our Guatemala Adventure