Our Commitment To NGOs

Non-Governmental Organizations

Our mission is to operate volunteer programs around the world in partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.  We are an international  organization with no political or religious affiliations.

The 20-plus countries in which GiveGetGo leaders have grown their build and travel experience can give partners peace of mind in knowing that our company promises a positive, well-organized and succinctly facilitated experience when working together. We partner with projects that are sustainable for the future of the communities in which we work in.

Interview with Lynn Connell, Founder of Majengo Orphanage:

GiveGetGo is committed to leading teams of 10 to 12 individuals who understand and respond appropriately to the sensitivities and needs of the diverse communities in which they work. Building relationships with fellow workers, team mates and the community is of the utmost importance to GiveGetGo. Before our volunteers leave their home countries they are educated with regards to respect for the hosts country’s dress, religion, customs, culture, traditions and land.

Along with providing volunteers, GiveGetGo offers funding for building supplies, accommodation, food, transportation and on-site labour. All elements work to substantially offset construction costs.

The company is committed to working with NGOs on an individual basis to design build projects that work for all parties involved. No build is the same; our on-site project analysis allows us to fully understand every element of each NGO’s unique community and build situation.

Interview with Igor Xoyon, Principal of Melody School:

Ultimately, the goal is to help NGOs do what needs to be done, their way and within their community. With our help we can provide professionally led, well-organized, well-screened and fully oriented teams of hard-working volunteer builders.

We work in conjunction with local contractors, trades and labourers, providing a needed boost for periods of time throughout a project that contributes to the current
local process.

The competition for funding is greater with more and more charities competing for support. We know that the engagement and connection volunteers have with a build project and its supporting charity is deeply profound. These projects are hands on opportunities to create long term support for years to come.